Silveroc specialises in project management and construction management services in the area of residential and hospitality real estate.

We’re based in Flims (Flims Laax Falera), a mountain resort known for innovation and forward-thinking. We provide advice, assistance and guidance on small to large-scale development, redevelopment and renovation projects, from initial ideas right through to construction handover. We’re involved in projects of all sizes, mainly in Switzerland.

Our clients are private individuals, small and large corporations, developers, as well as passive and active investors. Our projects range from renovation of newly-acquired homes, hotel construction, development of land sites, apartment renovation, new builds, to the development of large resorts with hotel and residences.

We work on any project that excites us, where we feel we can add value and deliver exactly what the client is looking for. Fully committed to our clients and their goals, our team is experienced, enterprising and highly skilled.

Silveroc has a lean and cost-efficient structure that allows us to do two things: first, invest in people rather than large offices and overheads, and second, provide our project managers with a flexible working environment that makes for an optimum work/life balance.

Silveroc is owned by the Jeannet Group, which has over a decade of international experience in real estate development, from architecture and interior design to project and construction management.

Managing Director

Managing Director David is personally involved in all aspects of Silveroc, working hands-on on-site on key projects to ensure the client’s experience is seamless. Speaking fluent English, German and French, he previously led the Jeannet Group’s property design and development businesses, overseeing teams in Zurich and London.

David is passionate about extreme sports and spends his free time in the mountains: ski touring, snowboarding, climbing and hiking. With a lifelong commitment to project management and real estate, ambitious goals are in his DNA, whether it’s climbing more challenging routes or building new companies.

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Project Manager

Joining us in 2023, Patrick strengthens our team as Project Manager. He brings his many years of experience in the construction and security industry, with a particular focus on complex construction projects. Over the course of his career he has managed contracts requiring high security and construction standards for banks, security planners and security system providers.

In his spare time Patrick can be found snowboarding, cycling, climbing and hiking in the mountains. A passionate nature lover, he’s often accompanied by his dog Bella. Both privately and professionally, Patrick loves a challenge. With a unique will to persevere and always keeping his eye on the goal, the likeable team player knows what it takes to achieve a shared objective.

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Silveroc in numbers

112 Mio CHF
in completed projects
18 K m2
in completed projects
448 Mio CHF
under development
28 K m2
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