For locals, by locals.

Surprada is a residential apartment development initiated by the Jeannet Group. It will comprise 6 two-bedroom apartments for year-round rental, and 2 two-bedroom apartments for sale as primary residences. With impeccable views towards the Crap da Flem, it will offer generous amenities such as a small gym with climbing walls, and communal bike storage. Each apartment will also include a large storage and gear room. Surprada aims to provide apartments for locals at relatively affordable prices while providing above-average design and quality. Silveroc is client representative and project manager.

Project Phases

  • Development Studies
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management

In collaboration with the Jeannet Group shareholders, we developed the investment strategy and defined the near- to mid-term portfolio targets. Surprada is the first property in the Jeannet Group’s real estate portfolio developed specifically for investment purposes.

Based on the portfolio targets and investment strategy, we developed a project brief that perfectly balanced investment returns with the design and quality envisioned. This meant we created a strong value proposition, setting Surprada apart from the competition. Once the financing strategy was in place, we started the tender process for team procurement, starting with the lead architect, architect of record and engineers, and followed by specialist consultants.

Given the unfavourable shape of the plot, local building code restrictions and minimum requirements of sellable versus rentable square metres, the lead architect worked with the constraints to create a highly interesting structure. Surprada blends with the environment, a unique piece of architecture yet humble enough not to overshadow the neighbouring Waldhaus Flims luxury hotel.

Once the concept design was completed, a pre-consultation with the authorities took place in order to gain preliminary feedback, after which minor adjustments were made. Planning application is in progress, while the interior design and engineering plans are being developed in parallel.

To come.

Stay tuned.

Scheduled for 2023.

Project Information

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