From the oceans of the world to the mountains of Switzerland. A personalised hotel experience.

Our client, one of the world’s premium yacht charter operators with a fleet of more than 300 yachts in 9 countries, and with decades of experience in the management and rental industry, has taken the logical next step of offering its customers a new destination – this time on dry land. Saas-Fee, a resort development consisting of approximately 60 hotel-serviced apartment suites, will mark the first of many hotel resorts for the group. The hotel-serviced apartment model is attractive to both real estate owners and hotel guests seeking a more personalised experience during their vacation.

Project Phases

  • Development Studies
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management

When Silveroc took over the project management role, things were stuck. There were objections to the building permit from private parties and political interests, communication between stakeholders was held up due to cultural differences, language barriers and misunderstandings, and the team of architects and engineers lacked clear direction. Once appointed, we defined an action plan, prioritising key factors to get the project back on track. Communication with all parties was rapidly restored and regular updates implemented. Detailed technical due diligence was carried out on the plans and submitted planning application, and the project team was partly restructured, brought up to speed on the action plan, and briefed in detail on next steps.

Owing to deficiencies in the submitted planning application, the client, Silveroc and newly-appointed architect decided to retract it. A new one was created, modified in favour of the project and in line with various stakeholders’ prerogatives. Elaborate pre-consultation with authorities and political parties was carried out, to ensure minimal risk of objection to the renewed planning application. The project modifications were undertaken after a detailed due diligence process and the appointment of specialist consultants working in the hospitality, food and beverage markets.

In progress.

In progress.

Construction is scheduled to begin in late summer 2021.

Stay tuned.

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