22 prestigious luxury apartments within a large 5-star resort, including a new 18-hole golf course.

Our client is in the process of developing one of Switzerland’s largest resorts – Golf Resort La Gruyère. The project will include 105 luxury apartments, a 5-star hotel including state-of-the-art spa and wellness retreat, meeting and conference facilities, various food and beverage outlets, 85 hotel rooms and 27 hotel residences. The entire project is divided into various sub-projects, including 22 luxury apartments for which we were asked to provide design, tender and procurement assistance.

  • Development Studies
  • Project Management
  • Construction Management
  • Client Resort 1
  • Duration 24 months
  • Budget Confidential

Project Phases

Tender, tender return analysis and contract award

As the architect put the tendering process in motion, we analysed the design, plans and tender documents to ensure they were in line with the client’s objectives. We recommended the hire of an interior designer to refine the design details, and examined the materials and products to be used. Together with the architect, we modified these accordingly, bringing down the cost of items of secondary importance but increasing the value of those that would matter most to future buyers. We then negotiated with suppliers and contractors, making significant savings through meticulous attention to detail without reducing any of the project’s quality.

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For simple projects, tender and procurement can be conducted using the design plans of phase 32. For larger, more complex and in particular hospitality projects, where general contracting might be envisioned, we always recommend conducting the tender and procurement phase after the detail design. For each trade and work we tender, we select a minimum of three contractors. Once we receive the tender returns, we analyse each offer and prepare an offer comparison. We then shortlist 2-3 contractors and hold negotiation rounds. Next, we review our offer comparison according to the negotiations, and prepare our recommendation to the client. Once agreed, we prepare the relevant contracts in consultation with the project lawyers, and finalise the contract award and appointment.

Detail design

The design concept and tender documents were translated into detailed technical design plans, in consultation with the engineers and contractors. During this final design phase, we worked closely with the architect and engineer to review drawings, plans and schedules. We also finalised negotiations with the contractors, and defined the various other procurement strategies required.

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The architect, interior designer, engineers and consultants develop the detail design. Using the latest technology, they create the necessary plans and document packages. We ensure the design, specifications and budget are in line with the project brief, help the client evaluate the detail design and draft comments, keep the project schedule up to date, provide regular reports, and review and approve professional fee invoices prior to payment by the client.


Project on stand-by.

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Construction starts. Depending on the strategy (general contractor versus individual contractors), we manage the contractors with daily on- and off-site visits. During this phase and under our leadership, engineers and other consultants also have certain designated construction management roles. We make daily site visits, ensure that progress is in line with the approved schedule, that construction is according to plans, and that costs are according to budget. We review and approve all professional fees and contractor invoices prior to payment by the client, to make sure that construction carried out is in line with contracted terms and services. For larger and more complex projects, such as hotels and resorts, we start the tender and procurement processes for FF&E and OS&E.